Digital Marketing New Orleans | Fast Fashion Edition | BM&P

Digital Marketing New Orleans

Digital Marketing New Orleans | Fast Fashion Edition | BM&P

We have done our share of New Orleans retail marketing but let’s talk about something broader. Fast Fashion Marketing is something we need to talk about. The landscape of fashion has already been changing at a rapid pace, and in 2018: it’s all about fast fashion. Fast Fashion is inspired by high-end designer clothing, made swiftly and at a low cost and sold for cheap. Clothing stores like FashionNova, Forever 21, Zara, and Urban Outfitters are leading the way on these trends. The rise of fast fashion would not be where it is now without this decade’s secret weapon, social media.

When you notice how social media is a part of our lives today, it’s hard to remember a time where we didn’t have it. Before social media, most consumers would spend more on fashion items and thought of clothing as investments. While high-end items are still being sold, social media has changed the popularity. The psychology around wearing the same thing too often has quickly changed with the rise of taking and sharing photos on the internet.

Social Media is actually encouraging the mentality that once an outfit is shared with the public, it should be put away. The issue with this shift is that many people can’t afford to buy a new outfit for every day. In steps Fast Fashion where people can stay on trend and wear highly popular clothing for a fraction of the cost. In addition, fast fashion retailers are actually doing most of their selling on social media.

According to consumer studies, 81 percent of people are influenced by friends’ posts while 85 percent are influenced by celebrity endorsements. This means that social media is carrying more weight than mannequins in their own store windows. Brands now have entire social media teams that are consistently working on elevating their brand. Here at Berning Marketing we have a social media management team that knows how to produce great content to put your brand at the front of the internet. Learn more about what our social media team can do for you here.


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