Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Video Production Studio, New OrleansHiring a video production company can be a long and tenuous task, but if executed properly, can save you lots of headache down the road. Below are a few tips and questions to use to help ease the journey of finding your perfect video making match.


  1. What are your goals and can they achieve them?

When looking for a video production company you should have an idea of the project that you want to execute. Bring these ideas to the attention of the prospective company and see if they are obtainable. If not or if they fail to muster up a quality answer then they are clearly not the right company for you.

  1. Do they have creative ideas?

When pitching them your ideas that you want to bring to screen they need to have clear and creative answers. You don’t want the same “old look” that everyone else is using, but you also don’t want something too off the wall. Hopefully your prospective company can find that perfect balance.

  1. Can you work with them?

Making a video is very time consuming. If you and your video production company are not compatible, then that can make for a very long and painful project. When y’all are both on the same page, the process becomes a smooth transition and the results of that partnership should reflect in the work.

  1. Ask for previous work samples.

Searching for a video production company is a lot like interviewing a potential employee, and you wouldn’t just hire an employee without seeing some of their past work. By looking at the company’s previous work it should give you some insight as to what they are capable of and also what to expect out of them. Also, reaching out to previous clients of theirs and getting a better perspective is advisable too.

  1. Do they fit my budget?

While finding a video production company may be hard, finding one to create the perfect video for you is another piece to the puzzle. A good video production company will ask for your budget and then tell you what’s attainable with that budget. Always ask for a breakdown of costs and compare to other production companies to see if the prices are reasonable.


If you are currently looking for a video production company feel free to use the above questions and tips or reach out to us at Berning Marketing & Productions!

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