Six Qualities of Viral Videos

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Six Qualities of Viral Videos

You probably already know all about viral videos, but what does it take to make a video go viral? Highly shareable content can give your business a lift, leading new people back to your site and increasing conversions. Berning Marketing knows what it takes to make a video go viral. Here are six qualities of viral videos.


It’s important to remember that you’re creating content for the 140 character Twitter generation and attention spans for content are getting shorter and shorter. You’ll lose almost half of your audience by the end of minute one so it’s important to put your most engaging information in the first part of the video.


The most shareable content evokes strong emotions in the reader or the viewer. Content needs to strike an emotional chord in viewers and these same viewers are more likely to share upbeat content. You should always strive for a positive spin.


This one is really important. You should always keep up with current events. For example, many brands will do parodies of an extremely popular TV shows. If you speak the same language as your target audience and present interest in the same topics, they’ll be more likely to share your content.


Engaging with an audience can lead to loyalty and interest. Many brands are launching YouTube live and Facebook live to answer questions from their audience. The best brands are always looking for ways to stay more engaged with their consumers.


If your video content is interesting and informative, it is also sharable. This is why tutorial videos are so successful whether it be makeup, hair or DIY projects


Upworthy is a platform that shares inspiring and joy filled videos. This site has skyrocketed to more than six million unique page views per month in its first year. To get the virality that you want, you should look for stories that inspires your audience.

Creating a viral video isn’t easy. These six tips can help you get closer to making  your video a success. Here at Berning Marketing, we take care of the entire process for you. With a full-service production team, social media department and SEO managers: you’re video is bound to be a success. Learn more about our achievements here.


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