Building Your Business

We know that you’re more concerned with building your business than winning advertising awards.

Before Berning begins any project, we think about why we’re doing it. Everything must have a purpose born of your goals, and must be executed with those goals at the forefront of our minds. We don’t just make things pretty, we make them work. That’s why marketing strategy work from Berning Marketing & Productions is sure to help propel your marketing plan to new heights.

Market Research0%

Before we begin any project, our expert team spends their time doing careful market research. Decisions made without careful planning to back them up do not maximize our clients return on investment. That is why our team is never satisfied until they have all the facts.

Understanding the Competition0%

Part of this market research is understanding who our client’s competitors are. By mapping out who they compete against we can understand what niches are underserved and then fine tune the marketing strategy to reflect those unmet needs.

Understanding the Audience0%

By carefully segmenting your customers, Berning Marketing is able to find those potential customers you may not have even known about. Once these customers have been identified, it will be easier to target them with a campaign that speaks to their needs.

Brand Development0%

With the information obtained from all this careful research, the next step of the marketing strategy is brand development. In this stage, Berning Marketing & Productions will fine-tune details about your brand to align with the facts we have discovered.


The final stage of the process is to build out the fully developed marketing strategy into a coherent promotion that speaks to your customers desires and accentuates the inherent strengths of your business and brand.