Public Relations

The Right, People, Place, Message & Timing

Need someone to yell from a rooftop on your behalf? Short of spray-painting a water tower, the Berning PR team will do whatever it takes to get your name out there – we’ll find just the right people, place, message, and time. Whether you need pro-active name building or reactive crisis management, our public relations professionals will cleverly schmooze, gloat, dodge bullets, and shine your light until your goals are achieved.  PR Services New Orleans.

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The “Public” in PR is all about People.  Who is it that you need to reach?  At Berning Marketing and Production, we focus on so much more than just a target demographic.  We’ll help you dig beneath the surface to see who you really need to communicate with, their interests and propensities, and why they are important.  We will also research the best ways to motivate your core audience, so they’re not just hearing you, they are engaging with you.  Let our “people” introduce you to your “people” today.


This spinning blue marble we call Earth is a big place.  At Berning, we believe where you come from, and where you’re going says a lot about you.  Let us help you find your path. Whether it leads to Southern Louisiana, the Northwest Coast of the US, or Continental Europe, we have the skills and know-how to find the space you need to be in now, as well as the places you want to get to tomorrow.   Don’t let your message wander in the wilderness without us – we can show you where to go and the best way to get there.

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Telling people about yourself or your business – sounds easy doesn’t it?  But understanding how to position and develop that message so that it achieves the desired result can be very difficult.  Our team at Berning Marketing can take a deep dive into your business and background so that your message is developed into a lean, concise, results-delivering machine.  Our team of experts is here to make sure your Press Release or ad copy represents the best of you and what you do and speaks to the audience in a way that moves them.


Timing is everything. Syncing your products and services into time-sensitive pitches gives your story that extra urgency and appeal. What may appear to be off the cuff or by chance, is actually a carefully planned, well-executed public relations strategy.

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