Leveraging Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Leveraging Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you belong to one or more Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are a powerful way for users to engage with others with similar interests. Sure, Facebook Groups are great for personal use, but did you know you can leverage Facebook Groups to grow your business? Utilizing a Facebook Business Page is standard for any business’s digital marketing plan. However, Facebook Groups can take that plan one step further. By establishing and managing a dedicated Facebook Group, businesses can control member experience as well as use the group for a specific purpose. Here’s how to get started on growing your business through Facebook Groups.

Determine your business goal

Before diving in, it is important to determine a goal when utilizing Facebook Groups. Examples could include, engaging with existing clients/customers or selling to new ones.

Decide how you’ll meet this goal

There are a number of ways to go about meeting your business goals through Facebook Groups. The most popular types include:

  • Creating a community as a bonus for customers who’ve purchased your product or service. This offers them a chance to get further assistance with regards to your product or service. Plus, the group also gives that customer a feeling of exclusivity.
  • Creating a community for people who’ve subscribed to your email list. This type of community allows you to post inspiring and educational content to help improve the lives of your subscribers.
  • Creating a topic-based community. Rather than use your business name to identify your group, name the group a topic related to your business.


Build your group

Once you’ve decided why and how you’re going to meet your business goal through Facebook Groups, it’s time to build your actual group. Go to facebook.com/groups to learn how to begin building.

Things to consider when growing your business’s Facebook Group

  • Is your group going to be public, closed, or secret? Most businesses choose the closed option because it allows businesses to control entry into the group.
  • How are you going to invite people to join? You could add an invitation for website visitors to join, email your subscribers asking them to join, share a link to your new group on all your social media platforms, or include an invitation to join on the thank-you page of your website’s contact form.
  • How are you going to generate content for your group? Develop a long-term content strategy to support your group’s goal. Then decide what type of content you’ll provide for your group. Make sure the content is engaging, people will leave if you continually spam their news feeds.
  • Are you going to use your company brand to engage with members? Most marketers advise against this. People are more likely to engage with real people rather than a brand.

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