More People Are Watching Movie Trailers Now Than Ever

watching movie trailers

More People Are Watching Movie Trailers Now Than Ever

Fewer people are going to movies now, but believe it or not, more and more people are watching movie trailers than ever before. This is because teaser trailers are a form of advertising that is designed to make you want to know more about the movie and also give more information about what the movie will be about and what the audience should expect. Here at Berning Marketing, we know all about the art of the tease in the film industry. Whether it be hyping up the release of a new product through videos on social media, or making small films to precede a big moment for a brand. Here are the five most important aspects of movie trailers that make them successful.

Sound is Everything

Of course, excellent music can make or break a trailer, but it doesn’t always have to be super dramatic. The music should genuinely reflect the mood of the movie! Some movie trailers simply chose a popular song while other movie trailers even have their own specially composed music. Recently, many movie trailers have taken a popular song and re-recorded to make it sound entirely different. A great example is this cover of Creep by Radiohead for The Social Network movie trailer.

The song lyrics capture the view of social media entirely and set the premise perfectly.

Showcase characters, but not all of them.

This is even more important if you have a star-studded cast! Your movie trailer should focus on one or two characters that might get the audience excited instead of bombarding them with the whole cast. This builds suspense. Sometimes, a powerful movie trailer will even show the main character very vaguely.

Capture The Mood

If you don’t capture the mood appropriately in the movie trailer, then it’s a failure. A great movie trailer focuses on emotion instead of the main plot points. A great example of this is the trailer for the Movie Up!

Stay Humble

Before, movie trailers would show movie critic quotes over and over to make sure that the audience was aware that even critics think that the movie is good. However, in modern times, the trailer doesn’t have to. Even the most highly anticipated movie trailers let the trailer speak for itself.

Set Up the Plot

Some trailers may give you almost the entire movie by putting the highs and lows right out there. Successful and compelling trailers find the sweet spot right in between. The audience should be able to expect what could happen in the movie without giving away crucial plot points.


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