The Effectiveness of Stop Motion Animation

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The Effectiveness of Stop Motion Animation

As a highly successful Louisiana production company, Berning Marketing & Productions is always looking at what new production trends, sound design, and other film techniques are being implemented in new movies. You’ve probably already seen the trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film Isle of Dogs, his second stop-motion animated film after Fantastic Mr. Fox. Set in a dystopian Japan, Isle of Dogs recreates an imaginary world where flu-stricken dogs have been quarantined on a remote island.

Setting the scene for a dystopian Japan required the co-production designers to scour Japanese artifacts from everything from clothing, light switches, and faucets. The entire movie is an epic love letter to Japanese cinema of the ‘60s wrapped in a movie that is fun for the whole family. The entire universe is comprised of 240 micro sets with brilliant color schemes. Since Anderson was set on using wide framing and sharp focus, the larger sets also had individual smaller set pieces. Aside from the incredible attention to detail in the set itself, the animation itself is old-fashioned stop-motion.

Stop motion is the traditional cinematographic technique that was first used to give illustrated figures the impression of movement. With the presence of modern technology and techniques, more complex stop-motion animations are being produced. Stop motion isn’t only used for movies, but also advertisements. Right now, stop motion is a highly popular animation type of marketing and explainer videos because of its versatility.

Since this type of animation is so eye-catching, they are great for explaining tedious concepts and information in a fun way on just about any topic. Not only can it be used in an informative way, but it also captures the imagination of the viewers. It can fit well with the target audiences characteristics, brand image and overall purpose of the video.

If you are looking for a Louisiana production company that has experience in all forms of animation, Berning Marketing & Productions is your destination. We can pry your ideas open and explore them and imagine your story retold through entertaining animation. Not only will our team of experts help ignite your brand: those that will see what we produce will understand it, feel it, and remember it. Come to Berning Marketing and Productions today to speak with one of our skilled animators.

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