Berning Marketing and Productions| The Best Around


Berning Marketing and Productions| The Best Around

Producing a Legacy Through Productions 

Berning Marketing & Productions understands video production on a level that most cannot fathom. In fact, BM&P has been in the business of creating high-quality productions since it was first started in 1975 as Berning Productions. That’s over 40 years of work! So yeah, BM&P knows a thing or two about telling a story on a screen.

Above and Beyond

At first, all of that information might just sound like we are bragging but take a moment and think about it. In all honesty, it is our experience that allows us to stretch the boundaries of what we can offer. A lot of upstart production companies struggle just to master the basics. BM&P is able to really push the limits of modern production because we are comfortable doing the work. In addition to being “production people” we look at ourselves as “production problem solvers.” How many companies can claim that?

Everything You Need In Production

The work BM&P does not just begin and end with the camera. When we say BM&P is a full-service production company we mean FULL service. In addition to on set production BM&P offers: editing; animation; color correction; audio recording and mastering; as well as countless other services

Every agency says that they’re “not like other agencies.” We’re the New Orleans production company with the proof to back up the claim. Berning’s in-house production facilities make us unique and provide an efficient, cost-effective way to get your message out there. While other agencies are sub-contracting directors and marking up costs, Berning has the goods right here in the building – no extra time or money wasted. Our production quality is top of the line – and our production team has the skills to make your final product on budget, on time and on purpose.

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