The Secret to Defining Your Brand

defining your brand

The Secret to Defining Your Brand

Are you still looking for the secret to defining your brand? Branding is more important to your business than ever. A strong brand identity increases the value of your company and motivates direction to employees. In addition, it creates a strong follower base. Creating a memorable logo is not the only facet of defining your brand. Your brand is the sum of the audience’s perception of your productions, content and vision. Every single facet of your presence is important from your social media profiles, your logo, to your commercials. Here are Berning Marketing and Productions, we know that improving your brand identity begins with understanding your current brand identity. Are you still stumped on what your brand identity entails? Here are some questions to help you uncover your company’s brand.

Why Does Our Company Exist?

You should this question every day. Not only does your company make you get out of bed in the morning, but you should wonder why people should care about your company? This is where the Golden Circle comes in.

defining your brand

What: This is a no-brainer. Your company should know about the products or services that you sell.

How: This is a broader question. These are the things that make your brand special or set you apart from the competition.

Why: This is where brands fall flat. Very few organizations know why they do what they do. Why is a purpose, cause, or belief? The very reason your organization exists falls on Why.

What is My Brand’s Story?

Storytelling marketing is not new. Telling a story is a powerful way to build relationships with your customers. It’s an age-old concept that brings people together and keeps them engaged. Many successful brands use a hero to push the company story. A great example of this is Subway utilizing Jared: a man who lost over 200 pounds while living on a diet of Subway.

What 5 Characteristics Would Our Employees Use to Describe Our Brand Today?

Your employees should always know about your company’s vision. Most companies have a mission statement that they include in their branding. This should be known and carried out by every single employee. Sending out a company survey or calling for a meeting to bring everyone together is a great way to find out how your employees see you.

If you are missing the mark in defining your brand, Berning Marketing has you covered. We have helped countless clients such as Lamarque Ford, Pearl River Casino and Resort and other companies define their brand and hit the target. To learn more about our work, click here.


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