Disney’s Imagineering Team Has Exciting News

Disney's Imagineering Team

Disney’s Imagineering Team Has Exciting News

Disney’s Imagineering Team has exciting news!  Walt Disney imagineering is the unique, creative force behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts that dreams up, designs and builds all Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, cruise ships, real estate developments and regional entertainment entertainment worldwide.

In 1952, the engineering division tasked with designing Disneyland. WED enterprises theme park design and architectural group became so integral to the Disney studio’s operations that the Disney productions bought it on February 5th, 1965 along with the WED Enterprises name. In 1986, Walt Disney changed the name to Walt Disney Imagineering.

Disney has a new reason to be excited about their imagineering team. For over 50 years, Disneyland its sister parks have been a showcase for increasingly technically proficient versions of its animatronic characters. The machines they’re currently creating are the most active and mobile to represent the characters they are portraying. These robots will be moving throughout the parks and change the way that we view robots!

Most animatronic figures cannot move from where they sit or stand. In Disney’s world of avatar, they imagineering team have made the most advanced robots yet. These robots are basically going to be robot stunt people. When it comes to bringing Mickey Mouse himself to life, Disney has mastered this. However, when it comes to characters from Star Wars or Marvel Characters: they are active. This has sparked Stuntronics. Check out this video below of these impressive stunt double robots.


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