Movie Trailers: Timing is Everything

Venom Movie

Movie Trailers: Timing is Everything

By now, you’ve probably seen the Venom movie trailer. However, some critics think that it is too soon. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld believes that Sony should have waited a bit longer before releasing the first teaser for the highly anticipated movie. Here at Berning Marketing and Productions, we know all about creating beautiful and enticing trailers. Also, we know the right way to release those trailers, so the hype lives up to the expectation.

There are plenty of fans who agree with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld and have been posting to various platforms on the internet about their disappointment. When it comes to the rising trend of comic book movies: these fans are not to be messed with. Here are some of the most common complaints about the trailer.

“It’s too dark and mysterious.”

Many were shocked to see that this trailer was nearly two minutes long and was let down when they were not able to see the actual parasite that infects Venom.

“The first look Trailer did not even show Venom.”

Many fans were upset that all they saw was the actor set to play Venom, Tom Hardy, caught on camera in human form. The rumor has it that the CGI for venom wasn’t fully ready yet and that the teaser was just released way too early.

“The release of the trailer was rushed to be released to compete with the other comic book movies.”

Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War has already been released into theaters. To compete, Venom filmmakers made the teaser to rush it into the cinema screenings to get as much exposure as possible to a fan base that will more than likely be returning to see the movie.

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