Netflix Movies and Their Success

Netflix Movies

Netflix Movies and Their Success

Netflix movies are extremely popular in 2018. More and more low budget movies are being unleashed on Netflix and doing extremely well. Even though a Netflix subscription is not that expensive, Netflix generates about $950 million per month. Behind every successful company, there’s a secret recipe. In the case of Netflix, it is social media.

Netflix is always producing viral and original content. This gives Netflix much more of an advantage over traditional networks and other on-demand providers such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Because social media is so transparent, the proof is obvious. When Netflix launches a new show, Netflix shows generate an average of 30 percent more mentions on Twitter than their competitors.

Twitter activity can actually predict future success or cancellation of original programming, especially when it comes to Netflix. Before any show is cancelled on Netflix, Twitter shows a decline in engagement. In addition, if social media mentions are plentiful, this raises the rate at which people will watch the show.

Twitter analytics can play an important role in your social media strategy. Here’s a closer look at how to understand how your Tweets are performing. Twitter Analytics have the ability to understand your audience better. It has the ability to show you the demographics, interests, mobile footprint and buying habits of your audience.

It’s no secret that Netflix is monitoring social media in order to make decisions in their company. The best part about utilizing social media in this way is that it’s absolutely free! Twenty years ago, in order to gauge an audience’s reaction to a TV show, there would be surveys and monitored ratings through networks. Now, TV providers can simply glance at social media analytics.

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