Radio Strong As Ever

Radio Strong As Ever

Is radio dead? Is there any value in traditional over-the-air radio advertising? Not surprisingly, these are examples of questions we hear often. Well, we are here to tell you, radio is alive and going strong.

In a 2014 study conducted by Nielsen researchers found that every dollar spent on radio advertising generated an average sales return of six dollars from consumers within twenty-eight days of hearing the ad. While response to radio ads varied among product type and audiences, the study ultimately proved that radio advertising still offered positive and powerful results even in the 21st century. Nearly three years later, that fact remains just as true as ever.

You might think that with internet advertising on the rise, radio would be on the decline. However, radio remains one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers. According to a recent study by the Advertising Research Foundation, companies actually saw a decrease in sales when abandoning traditional modes of advertising such as radio. Despite the narrower and more direct audience reach of social media and web advertising, the success of radio follows the “cast a big net” approach which tends to result in bigger sales.

Radio advertising works by guaranteeing a large audience as well as a target demographic. Much like television, radio remains a presence in people’s everyday lives as drivers often have the radio on during their daily commutes. From the massive onslaughts of media on a daily routine, the simple mention of a product to radio listeners might be enough to influence a consumer. As noted by the VP of Marketing & Media Innovation at AT&T, Maria Mandel Dunsche, advertising targeting often falls in a grey area, and radio offers one of the best mediums to tackle it.

It should come as no surprise to anybody that selectively pairing product advertisements with particular radio stations and shows is the best approach. Obviously, an advertisement for a cleaning product will do better when aired during a home improvement show compared to airing during a sports radio program. Due to the unpredictable nature of who can be listening at a given time, the time purchased for an ad can also be used as a way to find a new audience.

Though radio can seem like an obsolete medium, its traditional background makes it a reliable connection to the masses. Find out what you are missing by not advertising over the airwaves.

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