The Power Of Storytelling In Social Media Marketing

The Power Of Storytelling In Social Media Marketing

The Power of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing
Instagram Edition

When Instagram first launched, it was simply a platform for users to post their pictures, apply digital filters and their location through geotags. When it came to gaining followers and getting great post reach, users simply added a hashtag. After its launch in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity with one million registered users in just two months. However, just like with any social media platform using it quickly became difficult for brands to push their products by hashtagging alone.

The human brain is wired to think stories: In fact, gossip and personal stories make up 65% of our conversations. Snapchat created a feature called “My Story” that allows users to document videos and pictures throughout their day. Users can view it as many times as they want for 24 hours. In addition, users could use location features and incorporate text and stickers on their content to add more dimension. Even though the story is only available for 24 hours, users can download their story in video format to their phone permanently. Celebrities utilized this function to show highlights of their day so that followers felt like they were experiencing their adventures with them. Eventually, the story function was used to advertise. Clothing lines would showcase models in their clothing, makeup artists would show their new products before they launched to create more excitement, and musicians would show their audiences what was going on backstage. Instagram saw the success in this and quickly jumped on board with Facebook close behind.

How is it Effective?

  • The Instagram story function has a high engagement rate, with 150 million daily users actively using them.
  • Instagram stories have a 28% higher average open rate than stories on Snapchat. 15-25% of people who see a story with a link will swipe up which will link the user directly to the brand’s website or Instagram page. Swiping up has the ability to transform the user to a consumer.
  • Stories take up a full mobile screen and demand the user’s full attention.
  • Stories play continuously, while users may skip your brand’s content in your feed, your content will pop up in their stories stream.
  • Instagram has created a hashtag sticker function so that you can easily place a hashtag on your story content.
  • You can encourage your followers to generate their own content utilizing your branded hashtag to share on their own instagrams.
  • You have the ability to run Instagram story ads with different objectives such as: Reach, video views, traffic, website conversions, and mobile app downloads.

When it comes to Social Media Marketing it is important to always seize the new features that Social Media platforms create to stay ahead in the ever changing digital world that we live in. Berning Marketing is constantly taking our clients to the next level in the world of social media marketing and we do so by implementing the newest and most effective strategies. The strategy of storytelling not only bridges the gap between our clients and their consumers, it creates experiences and at Berning Marketing, we want to help you tell your story.

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