Social Media Mistakes By Companies | Twitter Edition


Social Media Mistakes By Companies | Twitter Edition

We could all learn a thing or two from the social media mistakes by companies, especially on Twitter. When you have a brand that is in everyone’s view, your reputation is a big deal. One of the many facets of Berning Marketing’s services is reputation management. This used to be in the realm of public relations, but in the era of social media: reputation requires a lot more, well, management.

One of the biggest sins of public figures, brands, CEO’s and more in the year 2018 is the misuse of twitter. Every twitter scandal has a similar progression. Brands have been tweeting offensive content and then when they are under fire, they blame the tweet on a hacking or a rogue employee. Here are 3 examples of tweets by brands that almost ruined their careers.

1. ) Digiorno Pizza

social media mistakes

The hashtag #WhyIStayed highlights different abuse victims giving their reasons for staying in abusive relationships or in abusive environments. DiGiorno might have seen an opportunity, but they should not have seized it.

2.) KitchenAid

social media mistakes

There may be some brands that can get political out there, but most of the time it’s safer to stay away. This tweet was just in bad taste.

3.) The American Red Cross

social media mistakes

This example is heartbreaking for us to read too. Our social media management team would never do this! This is a classic case of their social media employee accidentally tweeting to the company twitter.

It’s not just tweets like this that can ruin careers. Sometimes tweets from the past can come back to haunt you. 2 weeks ago, famous makeup artist and YouTube beauty blogger Laura Lee had an old tweet resurface and has lost thousands of subscribers per day. Here at Berning Marketing, we will ensure that your brand is in the spotlight and looking great. If you are interested in learning more about our services, click here.  


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