Video Marketing Trends

video marketing trends

Video Marketing Trends

Say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018! The evolution of video marketing isn’t slowing down, and the world is in for more captivating video content this year. 2017 was a year of virtual reality and live streaming, and now marketers are going immersive. Consumers can experience a brand as they have never been able to before and the way businesses produce and consumers consume is going to change significantly this year. Here are the projected video marketing trends of 2018 to be expected.

Projection Mapping

In experiential marketing, video projection mapping is when a video is projected onto a 3D surface. The beloved Luna Fete festival here in New Orleans is a great example of projection mapping by utilizing a building as the projection surface. The appeal of this innovation is the dramatic effect, especially when large surfaces are used. Projection mapping is being used in product launches, opening events, industry conferences and anywhere a brand wants to enthrall a captive audience.

Live Video Streaming

Facebook live is old news, but there are tons of other live streaming apps like BeLive, Zoom, OBS Studio, and Wirecast. For the more experienced videographers, live streaming is accessible for every type of marketer. Live streaming is a great way to connect with customers and express the more human side of a brand. With live video, interviews, Q&A’s, behind-the-scenes, and events are more powerful than ever. In 2018, this trend is expected to get more intense and interactive.

VR Video Marketing

Virtual reality is still mostly an uncharted territory although brands like Heineken have made some incredible strides in the VR realm. However, it’s the large companies with deep pockets that can include VR in their strategy. With VR, marketers have to convince their audience to put on a pair of glasses to step into the environment in the first place. This may require more motivation on the part of consumers than having to glance at an ad. It’s hard to predict the effect of VR on marketing goals, but it is expected that by the end of 2019 our understanding of how effective the medium is will have expanded greatly.  Digital marketing experts suggest VR video being used for eCommerce allows customers to be a part of an environment to engage in a product will push them to purchase.

360 Videos

360 video has already caught on but is expected to explode in 2018. With 360-degree video content, the consumer can control their perspective when viewing. This can be a VR headset or with a computer or smartphone screens browser control. Obviously, 360 capabilities will maximize your online shopping experience, but it can also be used in any way with a brand. It’s harder to click away from a video that you are a part of. Google has run its test run with 360 and found that it isn’t as viewed as regular video content, but when it is viewed: the click-through rates are higher as well as gaining more sharers and subscribers.

Berning Productions knows that video is the most powerful tool in any brand’s arsenal and we have a highly skilled team that is constantly monitoring and learning the newest trends so that we can take our clients further. If you are looking for an experienced production team to represent your brand, Berning Productions is ready to take your brand above and beyond!

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  • Rahul Yadav
    Posted at 10:11h, 08 April Reply

    Such an interesting article. I heard Gary V speak about voice search and podcasts are going to be the big thing in the next few years..

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