When the Saints Go Marching In …

When the Saints Go Marching In …

It’s an interesting thing to walk into work and literally shake hands with a chimpanzee at 8:30 a.m. But this was just day two of a three day shoot for our client Ronnie Lamarque and the Lamarque Motor Company, the number one Ford dealer in the Greater New Orleans area.

In a 2007 television commercial, Mr. Lamarque, well known locally for his singing ability, performed “When the Saints Go Marching In” in support of the New Orleans team.

For the opening game of the post-Superbowl victory season, the charismatic auto dealer chose to go all out. How do you make a commercial that reflects the intensity of the Superdome when it shakes with the battle cry, the primal scream, of “WHO DAT”?

Ronnie knew. “We need break dancers. We need music. We need spirit and passion.”  And … “We need a chimpanzee and a fire breather”, added Director Trey Berning.

So it began … three days of controlled chaos ensued on the Berning Productions green screen stage. Costumed saints fans, dancers of all stripes, a good old-fashioned New Orleans Second Line and yes, a monkey and a fire breather, all converged, stomped, jumped and twirled to the beat of a custom arrangement of the classic New Orleans tune.

Then the real work began … post-production. Senior editor and motion graphics designer Miguel Gomez tackled the project along with recently hired editor/animator Jack Lykins. According to Gomez, “Well over twenty layers of video were composited to achieve the final look”.

For Saints game time, :30 and :60 spots were produced.



The music video version:



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