All About Video Content

Video Content

All About Video Content

Berning Marketing and Productions are in the business of not only creating stunning video content: we know how to use it. Video content has already taken the internet by storm. Online video users are expected to double to two billion this year, with already over one billion unique visitors to YouTube every single month. All the big social networks have launched video ads, and more and more businesses are taking advantage of this feature.

Video marketing can grow your business, generate new leads, and define your customer base. Here at ten ways that video content can grow your business.

Present your product, service, or portfolio

Through a video, your audience can understand what you have to offer a concise video. Showing them through video content how your product or service can provide them has proven more beneficial than in text form.


How-to videos engage customers and make sure that they are using your product or service in the most beneficial way. This increases satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Defines Your Brand

Your audience wants to know what makes you unique. Making sure that your potential customers understand why they should pick you over their competitors is key.

Special Interest Content

Utilizing video to educate your customers about one specific part of your expertise will leave a lasting impressing and raise confidence in your consumers.


It works for movies, and it works for brands. It’s easy to build anticipation and create interest for your next product launch. Apple has generated a lot of attention by using this technique.

Defining Your Business Philosophy

Your audience wants to know what you have in mind, what strategy you are implementing and how you are going to make a mark in your industry. If you are in the process of fundraising, these types of video content work wonders.

Sharing Your History

Some of the best businesses were a product of chance. Everyone loves a good story, and now in the days of millennial marketing, it personifies your brand. By revealing some of the backstories to your business, your brand will feel more accessible.

Case Study

Let’s face it; case studies are a pain to read. A video case study presents your customer’s success story and will convince your audience of your product or service’s success!


Long gone are the days of invitations in the mail. Creating a video invitation has the potential to reach a much larger audience and will be harder to miss.

Just For Fun

We consume fun videos every day on social media. Showing your audience that you have a sense of humor will make a gigantic impact.

Berning Marketing and Productions has the potential to create video content to take your brand to the next level. If you are tired of missing the mark with old techniques that leave your audience bored, contact Berning Marketing and Productions today!


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