Modern Filmmaking Techniques


Modern Filmmaking Techniques

Technology is always changing, but recently it’s at such a rapid rate it’s hard to keep up with. With the changing technology comes constantly changing filmmaking trends. Even though some techniques have been around for many years, each decade has its own filmmaking practices. With cinema continuing to modernize and stand up, there are many techniques that have become popular in contemporary movies. The following techniques are what define our current decade.


Text On Screen

In a film, you may see someone whip out their phone and send a text to someone. In older films, the camera might have shown the device screen. In modern film, the text can simply show on the screen. This allows the audience to be more involved and will also allow the audience to see the reactions of the people as well.


Camera Interaction In Filmmaking 

Camera interaction is when the camera exists within the scene. A great example of this technique would be raindrops falling on the camera screen and obscuring the audience’s view. This technique isn’t used very often yet because it can be considered amateurish. Many filmmakers are employing camera shakes during intense scenes to make the audience feel like they are present in the scene.


Impossible Camera Movements

The viewpoint from the audience is the same as the cameraman. However, modern cinema is using a technique where the camera impossibly tracks through windows and walls, keyholes, and banisters. This technique gives the audience a unique perspective of the settings included in the movie.


The Long Take

A typical film scene will have a few different shots lasting around three to five seconds in length. The long take is a shot that is continuous and longer. A great example of this technique is the movie Birdman because it is made to look like it was done in one take.


External Footage

External footage is a term that refers to when there is footage that comes from a camera existing within the story. This is very popular with space films or teen movies where they will record things on a webcam.


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