Marketing in the Beauty Industry Gets a Makeover

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Marketing in the Beauty Industry Gets a Makeover

Through the last few years in marketing, there has been a steady surge of independent brands that are steadily climbing to the top of the success chain. Millennials have a strong sense of individuality and a search for a purpose which fuels the success of these indie brands which are the antithesis of those big, bad corporations.  

In the beauty world, drug store brand makeup suffered and became an afterthought. Because of this, these brands had to adapt to stay alive. Drugstore brands analyzed nice-brand strategies along with the spending habits and behaviors of millennials to appeal to a younger generation, reclaim their market share dominance, and secure future relevance.

CoverGirl secured a diverse array of brand spokesmodels and ambassadors in their digital marketing plan. Also, the long-used slogan “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” was swapped out for “I Am What I MakeUp” to inspire people to embrace their individuality and celebrate diversity and expressiveness.

Other companies have chosen to rebrand their packaging and collaborate with fashion icons. Maybelline’s collaboration with Gigi Hadid utilized the wildly popular millennial pink and released a highlighting brush that resembles a unicorn horn because of the generational fascination with unicorns.

It’s no secret that Millennials love to be a part of the process. Some brands chose to involve their target audiences in the development phase rather than predict what they want. St. Ives locked themselves in a room for a week with graphic designers and 30 millennial women and worked at their rebranding together. From this came the St. Ive’s New York City pop-up mixing bar where consumers had the opportunity to custom blend personalized exfoliating scrubs and lotions where they could choose everything from the scent to the level of exfoliation and moisture.

Generally speaking, skin-care brands have had it a little rougher than makeup brands because of a shift in consumer concerns. Many brands realized that women are turned off by the term “anti-aging” because women don’t want to be defined by age anymore.

Because we live in a time where trends come and go so fast, there has been a new term coined in the beauty industry known as “fast beauty.” Brands are having to adapt and learn how to release exclusive items and shades on a shelf for one month and one month only.

Prior generations like Gen X are still maintaining loyalty to their staple products, so these brands must balance and invite the new generations of consumers in a while not completely rebranding to spare the older generations. Some brands such as L’Oréal and Coty are still making a slower shift and staying focused on their core group.

Depending on your brand, there are a million pathways that it could take to reach success. Here at Berning Marketing and Productions, we look at the full spectrum of what your product or service can offer and do our research to fully grasp what can make your brand reach consumers and be a success. If you are looking for revolutionary marketing in 2018, contact Berning Marketing and Productions can’t wait to take your brand further. 

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