The Importance of Black and White

Black and White Film

The Importance of Black and White

Black and white film may seem like an outdated technique, however it has many advantages. It not only helps photographers have a nurturing eye, but lets them use their creativity is a pure way. Taking a photo or video without color forces people to see the world differently. 

Here are 7 reasons to consider shooting in black and white:

  1. There are no distractions from color. 

Black and white allows the photographer to think more about the elements of lighting, composition, and framing. There are no more background distractions, so the focus can be mainly between the subject and the background. 

  1. Light will be seen differently.

Without color the photographer can see light based on direction, quantity and quality. It’s a way to learn how to read and play with different elements of light. 

  1. It emphasizes emotion.

When you look into a subjects face without any background distractions it can create a stronger emotional connection. It’s purely about the connection with the subject and not what’s going on around them,

  1. Black and White creates the timeless/classic quality.

This is the main reason people choose to shoot in black and white. They are able to create a vintage feel to their photos. 

  1. Negative space becomes amplified.

Negative space is the area of the frame that is empty, which becomes easier to highlight when using black and white. This helps with focusing on the inter-relationship between light and dark areas, while adding depth to the photo. 

  1. Shape, form and pattern become highlighted. 

This draws on the connection between the elements in the foreground and background. Shooting in black and white simplifies the ability to see all the elements and play with them. 

  1. It brings attention to beauty and skin tones

Black and white provides strong tonal range between the deepest blacks and the whitest whites. Pigments and discoloration elements of the skin can become less obvious, eliminating all distractions. 

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